Assuming for one moment that you have not “come on holiday by mistake”, afficionados of the cult eighties film “Withnail and I” will no doubt find a stay in Bampton much more rewarding than the film’s protagonists.

All of the Lake District scenes in the movie were filmed in and around Bampton and Shap. In the film Monty’s cottage, “Crow Crag”, is actually Sleddale Hall, located near the Wet Sleddale Reservoir just outside Shap.

Monty's cottage, in reality Sleddale HallWithnail and IThe bridge where Withnail and Marwood go fishing is located at the bottom of the hill below Sleddale Hall, a quarter of a mile away.

The telephone box where Withnail calls his agent was beside the main road in Bampton although predictably, in early 2008, the original red telephone box was replaced by a modern version.

A couple of years ago, two “Withnail pilgrims” came on tour to:

The telphone box where Withnails call his agent…spend an evening drinking the finest wines available to The Crown and Mitre Inn in Bampton Grange, a few miles from Sleddale Hall, the farmhouse from the film – making friends with the locals after toasting a “delightful weekend in the country”, just as they do in the film. Alcohol – you may have noticed – is an important part of Withnail And I.

A blonde barmaid tells us “No one’s ever done this before”, referring to our escapade. Locals are very proud of the film. A retired farmer called Ronald, 72, tells me that the scene where Withnail leaps over a fence to leave Marwood clutching a bag of shopping and facing a “randy” bull was shot on his old farm.

Read more from the Mail Online, 2008

Fans wishing to purchase limited edition prints of stills shot for the movie should visit photographer Murray Close’s website. Our thanks to him for allowing us to reproduce his work here. Please respect his copyright.